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Research projects with the “Blood Donor BIOBANK”

The BRK Blood Donor Service would like to contribute to the development of improved diagnostic and therapeutic approaches by making its resources available to medical research.

If you are interested in using samples of the “Blood Donor BIOBANK” for a scientific research project, please contact us with your specific request. We will search our database and discuss the availability of suitable samples with you. If applicable, we can also propose solutions to obtain additional data or to conduct prospective or screening studies for you.

The BRK Blood Donor Service as a not-for profit organization does not aim for a maximization of revenues. However, we need to cover expanses for operating and expanding the „Blood Donor BIOBANK“. Therefore, we provide our samples to academic or industrial research partners based on a “Fee-for-service” contract. Prices are calculated individually for each project, depending on the samples and data requested and the efforts involved in obtaining them.

Our concept involves that excess revenues from licensing of “Blood Donor BIOBANK” samples shall be used for the benefit of the blood donors, who are the core of the “Blood Donor BIOBANK”. Therefore, surpluses generated are used to offer health services to our blood donors, with a focus on disease prevention programs.

Please consider that all projects are subject to review by the ethical review board of the Bayerische Landesärztekammer. Therefore, an extra time of 2 to 4 months is required before samples can be provided. The formalities will be organized by our BIOBANK staff, all we need is a detailed project description from your side.

Further questions are best answered by discussing them with us directly. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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If you are interested in a project with the “Blood Donor BIOBANK”,
please do not hesitate to
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