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Prospective studies and screening campaigns

In addition to the retrospective analysis of serial, pre-diagnostic plasma samples the well-established infrastructure of the Bavarian Red Cross Blood Bank and the large pool of regular blood donors offer the unique possibility to conduct large scale prospective studies or screening campaigns.

For example, large campaigns to screen for the risk of developing colon cancer or diabetes have been conducted.

In our Diabetes study funded by the Bayerische Forschungsstiftung more than 60.000 blood donors were recruited within a few months and were examined for their risk to develop type 2 diabetes using a three-step testing procedure. About 10.000 donors with a high risk of developing diabetes and several hundred patients with previously undiagnosed diabetes were identified (diabetes-study).

Pre-diagnostic BIOBANK samples were analyzed by three different research companies in order to identify new biomarkers and to develop new test methods for the early diagnosis of diabetes.

In addition to the scientific benefit for future patient generations, many blood donors immediately profited from the screening campaign, because they could take preventive measures and start an early treatment.

If a screening campaign is not an applicable solution, there is also the possibility to identify additional blood donors diagnosed with a specific disease, e.g. a certain type of cancer, using mailing campaigns or internet calls. Both tools proved to be very helpful in the past and demonstrated once more the co-operative attitude of our donors.

Please contact us, if you think a prospective study or screening campaign would substantially aid your research project. Provided that there is also a potential benefit for our blood donors, we will discuss the feasibility of conducting a campaign and evaluate the chances of success together with you.

We are looking forward to your enquiry!

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