Years of experience
and a head-start over other biobanks

Since the foundation of the BRK Blood Donor Service in 1953, the organization has established itself as a strong and competent partner of medicine and research. Our company’s excellent infrastructure and decades of experience in the production of pharmaceutical products, according to national and international standards (CLIA, GMP), as well as gapless logistics and cold chain are further decisive advantages over comparable biobank projects.

Since its launch, the “Blood Donor BIOBANK” has carried out numerous, successful projects with partners in industry and research.

The “Blood Donor BIOBANK” is also member of the prestigious excellence cluster, “m4-Personalisierte Medizin und zielgerichtete Therapie” (m4-personalised medicine and targeted treatment), which is funded by the German Ministry for Research. Here, we take advantage of the tight network and technology transfer among the numerous high-quality research institutes and companies involved.


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