The “Blood Donor BIOBANK”
A unique resource for innovative research

With its “Blood Donor BIOBANK”, the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) Blood Donor Service offers a unique and innovative resource for biomarker research: the world’s first blood donor based biobank.

Biobanks are an important resource for research and medicine.

Biobanks as collections of biological material together with associated medical data open new possibilities for the development of new targeted diagnostics and therapies. The BRK Blood Donor Service maintains a unique collection of over 3 million blood samples, making it one of the largest sample collections worldwide. Every working day 2,000 new samples are added to the collection.


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The BRK Blood Donor Service, as an innovative organization, is open for cooperations and strategic alliances to shape the future together with its partners. By granting access to its large collection of biological samples and associated data the BRK Blood Donor Service opens up new possibilities to develop tools for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases.